Welcome to the Institute for Financial Wellbeing

We are a non-profit membership organisation working towards shifting the focus of the finance services industry away from selling products and towards the discovery and understanding of what clients actually want from their money by providing a forum for learning, sharing and growing.

The Institute for Financial Wellbeing, or IFW for short, is open to all who wish to better understand their relationship with money and works with members of the financial advice, financial planning and financial coaching community who want to improve their client’s financial wellbeing by helping them become happier and more fulfilled, not just wealthier.


What do we do?


We research the principles of money and happiness.


We turn our research into tools to use with clients.


We partner with organisations to promote financial wellbeing.


We spread knowledge and create a purposeful community.

Financial Coaching

Supporting Coaches to empower their clients to gain clarity of their finances

Workplace Wellbeing

A series of workshops and presentations that can be delivered in the workplace that embody the principles of Financial Wellbeing

If you are interested in joining any of these streams please enquire now.

Get involved

The initiative will be member-led. We’d love to hear from individuals and organisations who would like to get involved.