IFW Code of Ethics

Ethics Policy

We believe that it is important for the organisation and its volunteers, contractors and employees to maintain high ethical standards in order to always do the right thing.

Good ethics are important to ensure that the organisation meets not only its objectives in a fair and equitable manner but its wider social responsibilities externally. In addition, the organisation is committed to ensuring high ethical standards within the workplace.

The procedure that follows provides general guidance on ethics. The procedure will be monitored and will be developed as necessary to ensure that it meets the needs of the organisation, its volunteers, contractors, employees and stakeholders.


All volunteers / contractors / employees will be provided with a copy of this policy as part of the induction programme. The policy will be updated as procedure develops and will be cascaded to volunteers / contractors / employees via management.

All volunteers / contractors / employees are required to adhere to the organisation’s policy and procedure on business ethics. Volunteers / contractors / employees who breach the organisation’s policy on business ethics will be subject to disciplinary action up to and including dismissal.

Volunteers / contractors / employees who are faced with a potential breach of the business ethics code or have doubts about an ethical choice they are facing should, in the first instance, speak to their line manager.

This organisation endorses fully and adheres to the six principles of data protection, as set out in Article 5 of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). These data protection principles are set out in the organisation’s Data Protection/Access to Employee Data policy and all volunteers / contractors / employees are expected to familiarise themselves with its requirements. Volunteers / contractors / employees should ensure that they understand how data protection impacts on their particular role, in particular with regard to external suppliers and members. Volunteers / contractors / employees who have any questions on the organisation’s Data Protection/Access to Employee Data policy should speak to their line manager in the first instance.

The organisation encourages a free and open culture in its dealings between its managers, volunteers, contractors, employees and all people with whom it engages in business relations. The organisation recognises that effective and honest communication is essential if malpractice is to be effectively dealt with and the organisation’s success ensured. 

The organisation does not believe that the giving and receiving of gifts from suppliers and members is appropriate. In certain circumstances gifts may constitute a bribe. Any volunteer / contractor / employee who receives a gift from a member or supplier, regardless of its value, must inform his or her manager who will decide whether the gift may be kept or whether it should be returned.

A confidentiality clause forms part of all employees’ statement of particulars/contracts of engagement. During engagement, volunteers / contractors / employees will have access to information of a confidential and sensitive nature. Volunteers / contractors / employees must not disclose to a third party any organisational confidential information, either during their engagement or after their engagement has ended. Confidential information includes information on the organisation’s present or potential members or suppliers and any information relating to the organisation’s business, including marketing, corporate or financial plans.

The organisation recognises that work may result in friendships and closer relationships developing. Relationships may develop not only with colleagues but suppliers and members. It is natural for relationships to develop in a working environment. While the organisation has every respect for the privacy of its volunteers / contractors / employees, it asks that all volunteers / contractors / employees consider the impact that personal relationships can have on the organisation. 

The organisation is committed to equality of opportunity and diversity in the workplace. It is the organisation’s policy to treat all job applicants and volunteers / contractors / employees fairly and equitably, regardless of their sex, transgender status, pregnancy, maternity leave, age, sexual orientation, religion or belief, marital status, civil partnership status, race, colour, nationality, national origins, ethnic origin or disability. Furthermore, the organisation will monitor the composition of the workforce and introduce positive action if it appears that this policy is not fully effective. Volunteers / contractors / employees are required to conduct themselves in a way that always promotes equal opportunities. Good practice will be promoted by senior management. Volunteers / contractors / employees who feel they have been discriminated against or suffered harassment should speak to a member of management immediately. 

Volunteers / contractors / employees may have separate employment with another employer or pursue outside business interests while still remaining engaged by the organisation. Although the organisation has no desire to unreasonably restrict a volunteers / contractors / employee’s external activities, it must seek to protect its own interests and those of all. Volunteers / contractors / employees will not be permitted to undertake business activities or other work where the organisation considers that this is incompatible with its interests or with the volunteers / contractors / employee’s health or safety and, in any event, unless prior written authorisation from senior management has been obtained. 

The organisation is committed to conserving the Earth’s resources and to do what it can to reduce any negative effects it has on the environment. Volunteers / contractors / employees are required to use the organisation’s equipment and materials wisely and reduce wastage where possible. Volunteers / contractors / employees can play a positive role in helping the environment by recycling all non-confidential waste, using printers and photocopiers with care and switching off electrical equipment which is not in use.

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