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We have introduced a series of themes for 2024, which offer some cohesion for your IFW online event attendance.
The themes for the first quarter of 2024:

January: Communication.

February: Story.

March: Support.

April: Future

21st May 2024

The IFW Annual Conference 2024


The IFW ‘Invest in Wellbeing’ Annual Conference is on 21st May 2024, with an optional social event the night before.

From a winner of The Apprentice to a former financier/trained lawyer-turned yoga instructor, 2024’s IFW Conference offers up an agenda like nothing you’ve seen before. We’ve kept all the best bits (breakout sessions, networking chats and, yes, Chris Budd), and sandwiched them between forward-thinking experts and a theme of ‘Financial Wellbeing 2030.’

Click here for the full Conference agenda and to book your ticket now to secure your spot at the best financial wellbeing event of 2024!

Early Bird tickets for both members & non-members have also been extended to 29th February 2024, so don’t miss out….

Next Roundtable: 11am, Thursday 7th March

The IFW Roundtable – Address your clients’ money fears.

This is the place for deep, exploratory dives into big, and sometimes complex, ideas. Join the experts for an informed discussion.

The next Roundtable is at 11am on Thursday 7th March 2024. 

This event is accredited for structured CPD hours.

Members and non-members attending for the first time should book here.

Expert Emma Waller will introduce the topic:

Address your clients’ money fears

Your key learning points:

  • Understand different types and levels of money anxiety
  • Questions to ask to get to the root of the issue
  • Organisations that can help when you can’t

Your expert – Emma Waller

Emma Waller

Emma Waller is the founder of financial wellbeing organisation MoneyMinded working across private, public and voluntary sectors, designing and delivering financial wellbeing programmes.

Emma co-authored Martin Lewis’s “Your Money Matters” book. She provides content and training for a number of national organisations including the NHS and other government departments, high street retailers and national charities.

Emma regularly delivers financial wellbeing workshops in the workplace and in community settings. She also provides support to schools and colleges, helping them embed financial education across the curriculum. Emma also has over 20 years’ experience in education, firstly as a Teacher of Economics and Business, followed by roles in Senior Leadership as Director of Learning and Assistant Principal responsible for performance and standards.

Your Roundtable Host – Kate Shaw

Kate ShawYour Roundtable host is IFW member Kate Shaw. After 17 years working as an independent financial adviser, financial planner and mortgage protection expert Kate set up Financial Life Planning because she wanted to do things differently. That was in 2015. Since then she has shifted her focus from selling products to prioritising what clients actually need. It’s an ethos that chimes with financial wellbeing tenets, and begins with the story of the individual, couple or business.


IFW Members Roundtables are free monthly hour-long expert-led discussions for IFW members.

Non-members may attend once to get a taste of what we’re talking about.  If you want to come along and learn from experts, sign up here for only £15 per month plus VAT.

Attendance of these events contributes to your structured Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements.

Dates for your diary for upcoming IFW Roundtable discussions at 11am:  

11th April: Hosted by Emily Pool, Lesley Thomas of The Money Confidence Academy will introduce discussion topic ‘Why money mindset matters.’  BOOK HERE

2nd May: Hosted by Barra Gorman, Olga Miler of Smartpurse will introduce the discussion topic: ‘How to build client trust through inclusivity.’

IFW Roundtables are free monthly events (among many that members can take part in) for IFW members, so if you want to come along and join the discussion, sign up for only £15 per month plus VAT here.

Next Wellbeing Cafe: 1pm, Tuesday 12th March

Wellbeing Café – The ‘how’ and ‘what now’ of client money issues.

Wellbeing Cafe Institute logo

Our Wellbeing Cafés are your monthly half-hour lunch-and-learn, designed for anyone who is short on time but keen to discover more about subjects related to financial wellbeing.

The next Wellbeing Café is at 1pm on Tuesday 12th March.

Members and non-members attending for the first time should book here.

Martha Lawton will presents the topic:

The ‘how’ and ‘what now’ of client money issues.

Your key learning points:

  • Key pitfalls to avoid when supporting clients with debts
  • Snowballs, avalanches and other kinds of self-help
  • Signposting to regulated debt advice

Your guest speaker – Martha Lawton

Martha Lawton smiling headshot against a brick wall.Martha Lawton is a financial educator and coach who has been helping people understand and use money better for over 15 years. She has facilitated hundreds of workshops on day-to-day money management as well as running awareness raising campaigns and other financial wellbeing projects.

Her work has given her a deep insight into people’s emotional and psychological responses to money, which she discusses on her podcast Squanderlust. Martha has worked with a wide range of charities, including Shelter and the Money Advice Trust, and acts as a spokesperson for the latter.

IFW Showcase Hiren Panchal_Sep 2021. Shows Hiren wearing a blue shirt standing outside in sunshine with blurred leafy trees in the background.Your Wellbeing Cafe Host – Hiren Panchal

Your Wellbeing Cafe host is IFW board member Hiren Panchal, Certified Financial Coach and Founder of Wensons Financial and Wensons Legacy.


IFW Members Wellbeing Cafes are free monthly half-hour ‘lunch and learn’ events for IFW members.

Non-members may attend once to get a taste of what we’re talking about.  If you want to come along and learn from experts, sign up here for only £15 per month plus VAT.

Attendance of these events contributes to your structured Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements.

Dates for your diary for upcoming Wellbeing Cafe lunch and learns at 1pm: 

  • 16th April – Susan Wilmot Rowe presents ‘Future planning with your client.’  BOOK HERE
  • 7th May – Chanelle Pattinson presents ‘Why we all need to embrace diversity.’

Next Forum: 9.30am, Thursday 21st March

Tools & Tactics (previously The Forum) – How to empower clients to trust their own choices

This monthly meeting is for all coaches, planners, paraplanners and other financial services professionals with an interest in coaching. It is an opportunity to meet new people, understand better how we all serve our clients and identify ways we can work in unison to deliver the message about Financial Wellbeing.

To better reflect the practical tips provided at these sessions, the Forum is now called Tools & Tactics. The next event is at 9.30am on Thursday 21st March.

Alongside  Jo Wall of Joyful Wealth, Lorraine McFall will open the topic:

‘How to empower clients to trust their own choices.’ Book here.

Initially established as a forum where planners and coaches can learn from one another, this is the place to discover how to dig deeper in client meetings for better results, whether that’s via financial coaching tools or simply learning to use a moment’s silence to allow room for your clients to realise what they really want to ask or tell you.

Breakout rooms are a common feature of these sessions, allowing you to get into small groups to discuss questions posed by the topic. There’s also plenty of time to ask questions and share your own hard-won knowledge.

Your Tools & Tactics host – Lorraine McFall

Lorraine McFall, financial coach

Lorraine McFall is a financial wellbeing coach and founder of Money Matters Financial Coaching who uses her coaching, legal and financial experience to help clients achieve financial wellbeing.  Lorraine equips her clients with the skills they need to develop better money habits, identify their financial goals and develop a plan to achieve them while exploring any self beliefs or behaviours that impact their relationship with money and the results they achieve.

Your Tools & Tactics co-host Jo Wall.

Jo Wall_cropJo Wall is a Chartered Financial Planner, Fellow of the Personal Finance Society and recently certified Financial Coach with more than nine years of experience in Financial Services. She recently launched Joyful Wealth, where her aim is to help enable clients financial planning journey to be a gentle journey of curiosity and self-discovery. Jo supports her clients to create future financial success and security, by ensuring their decisions become an opportunity to find harmony between their personal happiness, living life today and achieving their dreams, using personal financial planning principles and joyful coaching practices that focus on financial wellbeing.


IFW Members IFW Forums are free monthly hour-long events for IFW members.

Non-members may attend once to get a taste of what we’re talking about.  If you want to come along and learn from experts, sign up here for only £15 per month plus VAT.

Dates for your diary for upcoming IFW Tools & Tactics at 9.30am (please note change of start time): 

25th April with co-host Kerry Seymour: ‘Help your client visualise their future self.’  BOOK HERE

16th May. Topic TBC.

20th June. With Cameron Waldron: ‘Empower clients to take control of their Consumer Duty rights.’

Next episode drops on 19th February 2024

The Financial Wellbeing Show

The IFW’s new monthly YouTube show, The Financial Wellbeing Show, premiered ed at 6pm on 15th January, coinciding with Blue Monday, often cited as the most depressing day of the year, especially when it comes to financial concerns.

Episode 2 dropped at 6pm on 19th February 2024.

You can watch episode 1 here.

Hosted by Charlie Goodman and Hiren Panchal, the inaugural episode  features an in-depth interview with Emma Waller, an award-winning financial author, who shares her insights on achieving financial peace of mind.

The show aims to tackle the pressing issues of people’s financial health against the backdrop of a cost-of-living crisis, a core focus of the Institute, by exploring our daily interactions with money and offering practical advice to enhance financial wellbeing for everyone in the UK.

The show will to empower viewers with the knowledge and tools necessary to make informed financial decisions, thereby improving their overall wellbeing.

The #WatchAlong

Episode 3 drops at 6pm on Monday 18th March 2024. You can join the conversation and discover how to take the first step towards a more financially secure future.

Catch up with it on YouTube or join in with the #watchalong via Zoom, using this link

*Past IFW event – look out for more like this*

*Bonus event!* Accessing the next generation… of clients, and talent.

Pencils. Photo by Agence Olloweb on Unsplash

*Past IFW event – look out for more like this*

In this special hour-long webinar, Chris Budd was joined by Adam Price, founder of both Octopus MoneyCoach and VouchedFor. Together, they  explores how building a financial coaching practice could help advisers:

  • More quickly recruit, develop and monetise new talent, as financial coaches
  • Support younger clients profitably without the regulatory risk and cost
  • Create the capacity to open up new routes to market, such as local workplaces
  • Bring more diversity into the industry – among both clients and talent

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