IFW Annual Conference & Social Event 2024

This event is dedicated to the increasingly important topic of money and fulfilment.

>    Windmill Village Hotel, Golf Club & Spa

>    Tuesday 21st May 2024

The IFW Annual Conference “Invest in Wellbeing” returns for 2024!

Welcome to the fifth IFW Conference titled “Invest in Wellbeing.”  Early Bird tickets are only available until 29th February!

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We’re relocating to Coventry for our next conference on 21st May 2024 at the Windmill Village Hotel, Golf Club & Spa, with a theme of “Financial Wellbeing 2030.” Although we’re still running our monthly events online via Zoom, this is our opportunity to catch up with each other face to face or meet for the first time in person..

You’re also invited to join us at the same venue the night before for a social gathering. This is very informal and offers a great chance to network and make new connections.

Accommodation can be booked directly with the hotel – please quote IFW Conference when booking as we have already reserved some bedrooms in case these are required. Please note these are on a first come first served basis and the hotel is already quite full on this date. If accommodation is unavailable at the Windmill Village hotel, please enquire about other hotels nearby. There are plenty to choose from.

The packed agenda covers a range of inspirational subjects with an increased number of opportunities for discussions, socialising and networking.  We’re repeating the structure of last year’s conference so we’ll have several keynote speakers plus additional speakers facilitating and leading breakout discussions, so you can choose what you’d like to watch and listen to.

Speakers & Facilitators

The IFW Annual conference brings together a broad cross section of industry professionals, experts and many of the Financial Wellbeing’s leading practitioners.

Please note that the programme is continuously being updated, so please keep checking for the latest updates while we put the finishing touches to this year’s agenda

  • Scott Robinson – Keynote – Yogibanker & Partner at Deutsche Bank. Topic TBC
  • Panel debate: Financial Wellbeing – Marketing fad or cultural game changer? With Chris Budd, Ruth Sturkey, Kate Shaw and Laura Purkess (Consumer Champion and Senior Consumer Reporter, The Sun).
  • Charlie Goodman – Keynote interview – Financial Wellbeing in the Workplace.
  • Dr Thomas Mathar, Aegon UK Ltd – Keynote – Why do we even talk about financial wellbeing?
  • Yasmina Siadatan, Dynamic Planner – Keynote – What the smartest Fintechs are doing.
  • Victoria Dale – Diversity in the financial sector – breakout session.
  • Kim Uzzell – Developing honesty and disclosure in the client space – breakout session.
  • Victoria Hicks – Looking at 2030: What does financial wellbeing look like for your clients – breakout session
  • Prof Martin Hyde – What will the third life stage offer you? – breakout session.

The IFW one-day conference is a way of sharing and celebrating your Financial Wellbeing journey.

Enjoy a high quality and stimulating conference programme with leading experts and practitioners, making this the essential forum for the UK Financial Wellbeing sector to engage, debate and network.

Our ambition for this event is to create an opportunity for likeminded professionals with a passion for financial wellbeing to meet and share ideas, and also network in person.


IFW Awards

We’ll be running our IFW Awards again this year, shining a light on some of the members who have helped to make the Institute a vibrant, informative and ever-developing space for discussion and positive change. The awards will be presented by our members, to our members.

The categories include:

  • The IFW Award for Financial Wellbeing Educator
  • The IFW Award for Most Inspirational Member
  • IFW Award for Financial Wellbeing Journalist

Please send your nominations to members@ifw.org.uk


This year we are supporting the following charities:

Coventry and Warwickshire Mind has been developing and delivering quality services with, and for, people with mental health problems for over fifty years.

An independent charity governed by a group of local trustees, Coventry and Warwickshire Mind is affiliated to the national Mind network made up of over 105 organisations across England and Wales. Each local Mind is unique, working hard to understand the needs of their community and tailoring their services to match.

“We want to make sure that everyone with a mental health problem gets the support they need and the respect they deserve. This could mean having access to information, a listening ear, or more specialist support and services to help someone to live and recover from their mental health problem.”

Coventry & Warwickshire Mind provide services to all ages, including Children & Young People as well as adults. Supporting in excess of 30,000 people each year.

RedSTART charity logo

RedSTART is a children’s financial education charity, working only with primary schools that serve communities in areas of greater disadvantage. They see the same children repeatedly from Reception to Year 6 and combine in school lessons and workshops with a bank app and shop. They also use volunteers to connect the children to the world of work in order and raise aspirations.

This focus has allowed RedSTART to commission a unique longitudinal, randomised control study designed and run by The Policy Institute, King’s College, London which will measure the impact that this intervention has on the children as they grow up. The aim is for the charity to cease to exist beyond 2030 as the work they are doing will have resulted in policy change to support the delivery of similar interventions in every one of the 20,000 primary schools across the UK.

The Money Charity logo

For over 25 years, The Money Charity has been the UK’s Financial Capability charity and their vision is that everyone achieves financial wellbeing by managing their money well.

The charity empowers people across the UK to develop the skills, knowledge, attitudes and behaviours to make the most of their money throughout their lives. By proactively providing education, information, advice and guidance to people of all ages and at all stages of life, the charity helps people get to grips with their money and increase their financial wellbeing.


Who is this conference for?

This is a conference open to all. We want the debate about money, fulfilment and joy to involve everyone.

Whether you are a financial adviser, coach, planner, paraplanner, practice manager, fintech startup, product provider, marketing expert, charity or just an interested party, the IFW will help you achieve a fulfilling relationship with money.

It is also CPD accredited so you can use this event to go towards your annual CPD requirements, We will add a list of learning outcomes from our keynote speakers to help you learn more about the professional development you will receive from attending this event.

Support our event and the global Financial Wellbeing journey.
As a non-profit organisation, we have no shareholders and we are funded entirely through membership and event revenues. All proceeds from this event will be invested into supporting the future endeavours of the Institute for Financial Wellbeing as we work towards our mission to educate, empower and support people of all ages in every community to feel safe  and confident around money by creating a space for conversation, collaboration and positive change.

Non-member tickets are also available to purchase – scroll down to the bottom or click here to purchase.


Who is speaking?

Ruth Sturkey, Former IFW Chair and financial wellbeing ambassador

Compère and panel debate participant: Financial Wellbeing - Marketing fad or cultural game-changer?

Previously the Chair of the IFW Board, Ruth Sturkey is a keen financial wellbeing ambassador and will compere the IFW Conference 2024. Ruth co-founded boutique financial planning firm The Red House, which merged with Paradigm Norton in 2017; she is now a Non Executive Director for the merged firm. She was the host of the podcast ‘Money Espresso; no froth conversations exploring money and life’ where her aim was to get people talking about money and explore how money and business can be a force for good. She also coaches financial planning business owners.  Ruth can be seen regularly presenting at industry events and holds considerable influence within the financial planning profession.

Scott Robinson, The YogiBanker

How Yoga and Banking came together.



Steven Hill, CEO, Coventry and Warwickshire Mind

Issues of anxiety prompted by the lack of financial control.

Steven Hill joined Coventry and Warwickshire Mind in 1994, he has played an integral role developing the organisation and was appointed CEO in 2018.

During 2022/23 Coventry and Warwickshire Mind supported 32,275 adults, children and young people offering NHS Talking Therapies, supported accommodation, 24hour care facilities, crisis housing, safe havens, autism support and a range of emotional wellbeing services.

Steven holds several membership roles such as National Mind’s Network Committee, Coventry and Warwickshire Integrated Care Partnership, place-based Collaborative for Warwickshire and the Mental Health Provider Collaborative. He is a founding member of the Coventry & Warwickshire VCSE Mental Health Alliance and of the wider Coventry & Warwickshire VCSE Alliance.

Victoria Dale, Inclusion 365

Diversity in the financial sector: Who’s doing what well?

Victoria Dale, Founder of Inclusion 365, is on a mission to support employers and busy HR Leaders to move from reactive to proactive when it comes to driving their ED&I agenda forward. Her approach is about taking those small steps to build inclusion into everyday conversations, decisions, actions and behaviours. Victoria has worked with a diverse range of businesses across different industries from large to small businesses. Sectors include global technology companies, engineering firms, professional services, financial services, retail, media, adverting to higher education institutions and local and regional government.

Lorraine McFall, IFW board member and founder of Money Matters Financial Coaching

Panel debate chair: Financial Wellbeing - Marketing fad or cultural game-changer?

Lorraine McFall is a financial wellbeing coach and founder of Money Matters Financial Coaching who uses her coaching, legal and financial experience to help clients achieve financial wellbeing.  Lorraine equips her clients with the skills they need to develop better money habits, identify their financial goals and develop a plan to achieve them while exploring any self beliefs or behaviours that impact their relationship with money and the results they achieve.

Chris Budd, Founder of the Institute for Financial Wellbeing

Panel debate participant: Financial Wellbeing - Marketing fad or cultural game-changer?

Chris Budd founded the Institute for Financial Wellbeing, then called the Initiative, in 2019. He is the author of The Financial Wellbeing Book, the second edition of which will be published in Spring 2023. He is also the author of The Eternal Business, and two novels. In 2018 he sold the majority of his financial planning company Ovation Finance Ltd, the company he founded in 2000, to an Employee Ownership Trust. His consultancy, The Eternal Business, helps business owners work out if selling to an Employee Ownership Trust might be their own succession plan. Chris lives in Somerset with his family and too many guitars.

Kate Shaw, founder of Financial Life Planning

Panel debate participant: Financial Wellbeing - Marketing fad or cultural game-changer?

After 17 years working as an independent financial adviser, financial planner and mortgage protection expert Kate set up Financial Life Planning because she wanted to do things differently. That was in 2015. Since then she has shifted her focus from selling products to prioritising what clients actually need. It’s an ethos that chimes with financial wellbeing tenets, and begins with the story of the individual, couple or business.

Dr Thomas Mathar, Aegon UK

Why do we even talk about financial wellbeing?

Dr Thomas Mathar heads up Aegon UK’s Centre for Behavioural Research, supporting internal and external stakeholders with behavioural research and the application of nudge-theory to help people live their best lives, now and in the future.

Thomas has been with Aegon since 2016, having previously worked in research agencies and government, health, consumer industries and in finance.

Kim Uzell, Online Strategist & Founder Iconic Wealth for Women

Developing honesty and disclosure in the client space.

Kim Uzzell is the Founder of Iconic Wealth for Women. She is a Chartered Fellow of the CISI and Chartered Wealth Manager and has been working with people and their money since the late 1980s, predominantly as a Private Client Stockbroker and Wealth Manager, and latterly a Private Banker.   

Alongside a career which has introduced her to the many aspects of behavioural finance, Kim is also a Certified Financial Coach and Certified Trauma of Money Coach, and works with the deeper levels of clients’ relationships with money using a range of modalities including clinical hypnotherapy, NLP, EFT and Belief Coding. 

Victoria Hicks, Founder of The Exit Partnership

Looking at 2030: What does financial wellbeing look like for your clients?

Victoria Hicks is a recognised authority in the field of financial planning, mergers and acquisitions. With a proven track record and deep expertise, she brings invaluable insights to speaking engagements. As the founder of The Exit Partnership, a leading M&A firm specialising in assisting owners of financial planning firms, Victoria also possesses a real-world understanding of running and exiting a regulated business.

The sale of her chartered firm in 2018 lends a unique perspective that resonates with audiences. With over 15 years of experience advising private clients and business owners, Victoria has a profound grasp of uncovering the ‘why’ behind financial decisions and is passionate about empowering individuals to achieve their goals and attain financial freedom. Her speaking engagements foster a focus on financial wellbeing, ensuring that audiences gain actionable insights for their own journeys.

Charlie Goodman, IFW & Employee Benefits Collective LLP

Workplace Financial Wellbeing breakout discussion.

Charlie Goodman is a Board member at the Institute for Financial Wellbeing and head of the IFW’s Workplace Financial Wellbeing offering.

A partner at the Employee Benefits Collective LLP, Charlie specialises in financial wellbeing in the workplace. He is a qualified IFA, Financial Coach, and Reward Specialist.

Professor Martin Hyde, University of Leicester School of Business

Looking at retirement: What will the third life stage offer you?

Professor Martin Hyde is a Professor at the University of Leicester, researching work, retirement & health in a global context. His main research interests are ageing and later life and he has published on a wide range of topics from quality of life, work and retirement, health inequalities and globalisation.

He has been involved in a number of large-scale studies including the English Longitudinal Study of Ageing (ELSA), the Survey for Health.

He is a member of the International Organization for Standardization Technical Committee for an Ageing Workforce. 

Yasmina Siadatan, Dynamic Planner

What the smartest Fintechs are doing.

Yasmina Siadatan is Sales and Marketing Director at Dynamic Planner, and part of the Executive Management Team and the Board. She is an integral contributor to decision making in the business, working in tandem with the senior team at Dynamic Planner to lead and deliver on its marketing-led growth strategy and further build the Dynamic Planner brand.

She worked for Lord Sugar in 2009 having won the fifth series of BBC One’s The Apprentice, heading up his flagship tech and digital media organisation

Sarah Marks, RedSTART

Panel discussion: How we make financial education relevant to the next generation.

Sarah Marks has been CEO of the children’s financial education charity RedSTART since August 2021. Previously, she undertook the role of Development Director, where she was responsible for developing the case for support and fundraising strategy, and prior to that she worked for RedSTART as a volunteer. Sarah has over 20 years of experience leading client service teams in the finance sector, most recently as Global Head of Client Service at Insight Investment.

She is passionate about education and its role in levelling up and is hugely excited about the potential for transformation in people’s lives that could occur if they are taught as children about how money works.

Stephanie Fitzgerald, The Money Charity

Panel discussion: How we make financial education relevant to the next generation.

Stephanie Fitzgerald leads on The Money Charity’s work with Young People across the UK, including our Money Workshops, Student Money Manual and resources for teachers.
Stephanie has over ten years of financial capability experience and before that had a background in working and volunteering in education and the charity sector in a variety of roles. This has included working in schools, on National Citizens Service programmes and for government. Steph has international experience as a Programme Manager at The Commission for Financial Capability in New Zealand, which involved running workplace and community Financial Education ‘behaviour change’ programmes across the country.
Stephanie is passionate about helping people to gain more confidence in managing their money and to enjoy the control and freedoms it brings, especially young people.


Our Agenda is being updated regularly; please check back to see additional speakers / sessions. Thank you.

Mobile Agenda coming soon.

Time 21st May
08:30-09:00 Registration
09:00-09.10Ruth Sturkey, The IFW
09:10-09:30Speed networking
09:30-10.00Keynote speaker - Scott Robinson
How Yoga and Banking came together.
10:00-10:30Breakout discussion with Scott Robinson
A facilitated discussion on Scott Robinson's keynote presentation.
10:00-10:30Breakout discussion with Victoria Dale.
Diversity in financial services.
10:30-11.00Keynote Panel Debate: Financial Wellbeing – Marketing fad or cultural game changer?
With Chris Budd, Ruth Sturkey, Kate Shaw & Laura Purkess, chaired by Lorraine McFall
11:15-11:45Sponsor presentation opportunity
11:15-11:45Breakout discussion with Kim Uzzell
Developing honesty and disclosure in the client space.
11:45-12:15Keynote speaker - Dr Thomas Mathar, Aegon UK
Why do we even talk about financial wellbeing?
12:15-12:45Breakout discussion with Dr Thomas Mathar, Aegon UK
A facilitated discussion on Dr Thomas Mathar's keynote presentation.
12:15-12:45Breakout discussion with Victoria Hicks
Looking ahead to 2030 - What does financial wellbeing look like for your clients?
12:45-13:30Lunch / Networking
13:30-13:45The IFW Awards
13:45-14:15Keynote speaker - Wellbeing in the Workplace with Charlie Goodman
14:15-14:45Breakout discussion with Charlie Goodman
A facilitated discussion on Charlie's previous keynote presentation
14:15-14:45Breakout discussion with Professor Martin Hyde
Looking at retirement – What will the third life stage offer you?
14:45-15:15Panel discussion with education charity RedSTART and The Money Charity
How we make financial education relevant to the next generation.
15:15-15:30 Break
15:30-16:00Keynote speaker - Digitisation with Dynamic Planner's Yasmina Siadatan
What the smartest Fintechs are doing.
16:00-:16:30Breakout discussion with Yasmina Siadatan
A facilitated discussion on Yasmina Siadatan's keynote presentation
16:00-16:30Breakout discussion with charity Mind CW
What are the biggest worries for clients? How do we help them manage financial and other anxieties?
16:30Event closes

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