12 minutes to change your (client’s) life

Lois Vallely of leading financial publication Money Marketing interviewed Rohan Sivajoti of NextGen Planners recently on their podcast as one of the key note speakers at the IFW ‘Invest in Wellbeing’ Conference 2022.

This 12-minute chat is full of great insights that could deepen client discussions. Rohan shares his perspective on Financial Wellbeing as “using your wealth and time to focus on things that make you feel happier (…) the use of the resources we have to make ourselves healthier and happier.” He also warns against the companies using financial wellbeing as “a nice marketing line” and explains why he’s committed to the IFW.

Tune in here.

If you missed Rohan’s keynote at the IFW Conference, or would like to dive deeper into the topic of diversity, don’t forget to book your space for the upcoming Roundtable discussion free of charge.

At 11am on Thursday 8th September, Rohan will introduce the topic:

“How diversity can empower your business.”

Discover and share your own thoughts on how and why diversity is a crucial ingredient of forward-looking organisations, and how it could safeguard and strengthen your business.

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