Changes at the IFW

We’re delighted to welcome Hiren Panchal as the Institute for Financial Wellbeing’s new vice-chair. Hiren has written a lovely statement about his appointment. “This is a key appointment for me as I believe that the importance of financial wellbeing can’t be overstated. It’s the backbone of our peace of mind, which allows us to achieve our aspirations without constantly worrying about the next source of financial distress – and I do have a lived experience of such,” says Hiren. “I’m also reminded of the vitality of financial wellbeing each time I fly, as it is akin to the oxygen mask on an airplane – you need to secure yours first before assisting others. It empowers us to support our families and contribute to the causes we believe in. It is the passport to pursuing dreams, taking risks, and embracing opportunities without constantly peeking at your bank account like it’s a suspense thriller!”

At the same time, we bid a sadfarewell to Ruth Sturkey as she steps down from her role as IFW Chair.

“I still vehemently believe that financial wellbeing is the next evolution of financial advice and planning but it’s time for me to do some travelling and explore a few new projects,” Ruth says. “I will continue to be an advocate and ardent supporter of the IFW and of financial wellbeing practices.”

We wish Ruth all the best for her future adventures in finance and beyond.