Congratulations to the IFW Award 2024 winners!

Hosted by Mike Parker, Business Development Manager at the Award sponsors TimeLine, and Kate Shaw, founder of Financial Life Planning, this is always a popular part of the IFW Conference.

Our highly deserving winners are all individuals who have supported, educated and helped drive conversations around financial wellbeing.

The IFW Award for Client Impact Champion went to GP Mantini.

GP (above, left) is one of the founder members of the IFW and has carried his passion for financial wellbeing over to Saltus, where he is described as working differently to much of the industry.

GP is known for putting his listening skills front and foremost in conversations with clients and prioritising learning about how clients want their future to look, and how that can align with their finances.

The IFW Award for Steadfast Commitment went to Susan Wilmot Rowe.

Susan (above, centre) is an expert in her field of Equity Release and generously gives her time and expertise to IFW via our events. She is hugely well-respected within the IFW community and demonstrates how financial wellbeing tenets benefit different specialisms of the financial services sector.

Susan wasn’t able to attend the IFW Conference this year, but IFW member Darren Cooke kindly delivered the award in person and recorded the moment for us. You can watch the unboxing video here or by clicking on the image.

Susan commented: ‘To receive the award from a community I admire so much is amazing. I just want to say how grateful I am of being part of the IFW and look forward to seeing everyone again soon.”

The IFW Award for Financial Wellbeing Educator went to Graham Wells.

Financial coach Graham (above, right) has increasingly focused on financial education and guidance, behavioural change, and the emotions of money.

Graham is part of the team at Wise Monkey Coaching where he embraces his love of lifelong learning and empowering others.

The IFW Award for Most Inspirational Member went to Simonne Gnessen.

Simonne (above, left) was one of the first people to understand the power of bringing together personal finance and personal development in the form of financial coaching.

She has helped huge numbers of financial practitioners find positive ways forward in their careers through training them to help people to understand how to align what they want from their money with their lifelong aspirations.

The IFW Award for Financial Wellbeing Journalist of the Year went to Hope Coumbe, editor of Professional Adviser.

Over an 8-year career in financial services trade press, Hope (above, right) has taken an active interest in the importance of wellbeing within finance, as well as in the links between wellbeing and positive client outcomes. In her nomination for this award, we were struck by the breadth of her activities, from introducing reporting around awareness days designed to encourage the development of a positive relationship with money to  launching Professional Adviser’s ‘Feel Good Friday’ blog, and in a 12-month fundraiser for financial education charity RedSTART, one of the charities for this year’s IFW Conference.

Congratulations, all!