IFW Update: the next stage of our strategy

As you may already be aware, the first Financial Wellbeing Show from the IFW aired last Monday and will air on the third Monday of every month,

You can watch Episode 1 here.

Episodes drop on the third Monday of each month at 6pm. The show explores our daily interactions with money and offers practical tips to enhance financial wellbeing for everyone.

We will share the links for future shows to enable you to #WatchAlong and promote the FW Show with your networks.

The launch of The Financial Wellbeing Show is the first illustration of our broadening strategy to deliver financial wellbeing content and insights to the consumer. We have always welcomed anyone who has an interest in better understanding their relationship with money and are now actively opening up conversations with organisations such as money and mental health charities, HR and Learning & Development practitioners, accountants and solicitors who are interested in joining in the conversation and providing this style of content to their customers.

The development of this second string of our strategy will enable us to deliver our Mission:

Our purpose is to educate, empower and support people
of all ages in every community to feel safe  and confident around money
by creating a space for conversation, collaboration and positive change.