Meet your September IFW Roundtable expert

I hope you’re having a wonderful summer! The first IFW event after the summer hiatus is the Roundtable discussion at 11am on Thursday 7th September, when your host Funmi Olufunwa will welcome Jake Voelcker of charity Bristol Mind to open up the topic:

‘How to help clients build their own resilience backpack.’

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I managed to steal a few moments of Jake’s summer an ask a few questions to help you gain an insight into why this is going to be such a great event.

How did you come to work as Coordinator for Bristol Mindline, Jake?

I initially joined as a volunteer 3 years ago, and found it an amazing and life-changing experience. I decided to re-train as a counsellor, and I needed a part-time job to go alongside my studies – ideally one which was relevant to counselling. As good luck would have it, a vacancy came up at Mindline. I’ve since been promoted to Coordinator, and never looked back!

What are the most challenging parts of the role?

Managing the admin side of things. With a team of up to 40 staff and volunteers, it takes some organising to keep tabs on everything!

What do you find most satisfying about it?

I love the feeling of connection when callers entrust us with their thoughts and feelings. We are privileged to be given a glimpse into someone else’s inner world for half an hour, and be with them as they talk about some of those feelings and emotions, and hopefully help them to explore and examine them. And as coordinator, I also love training and supervising new staff and volunteers, introducing them to the work of supporting our callers.

What one thing do you wish you’d been told about mental health when you were 15?

So much! I think mental health and wellbeing and emotional awareness should be taught in all schools. And not just to 15-year-olds, but from a young age. Imagine how much better the nation’s mental health could be if this were the case.

What is your top tip for someone wanting to improve the way they support other people’s wellbeing?

Step outside of yourself, and see things from the other person’s point of view. This isn’t always easy, but if you can begin to leave behind your own questions and solutions and suggestions, and really listen to the other person and imagine what the world is like for them, then you can begin to build trust and understanding.

Thanks Jake!

At the September Roundtable, you’ll be able to share your tips and learn from others at this important expert-led discussion.

Your key learning points:

  • What to say when a client is sounding distressed or anxious
  • How to offer advice and information without overwhelming the client
  • Grounding techniques, both for the client and for yourself

Attending this IFW discussion counts towards your structured CPD hours.

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