Empowering clients to live life on their own terms

Kevin Wood at Oakfour shares a client case study in which the principles of financial wellbeing led to choices and freedom, which in turn ensured his clients were able to embrace their desired lifestyle.

I first met Paul and Tracey over 10 years ago whilst guiding Tracey’s parents through a really difficult time following her father’s accident at work.

Initially, Paul and Tracey would sit in on the meetings with their parents and would ask questions not only in relation to what we were doing for Tracey’s parents, but also how they could better plan their own financial future. They were in their early 40s and were already building their pension funds via their work-related schemes.

I advised them to overpay their mortgage with disposable income where possible and they took this advice on board, and then some. Only nine years later, they advised me that their mortgage was repaid in full – a mere 12 years early. They then wanted to discuss the next stage of their financial life, building a sufficient fund to be able to choose their desired lifestyle and to live life on their terms.

What do you want your life to look like?

We took the time to really map out in detail what they wanted their life to look like.

This incorporated how work, on several occasions, felt like “a drag” and how they yearned to have the choice to carry out work they enjoyed doing, living a simple, but comfortable life in the process doing those things they loved, whilst also helping their daughter to step onto the property ladder.  In essence feeling happy and fulfilled.

Having paid their mortgage off and subsequently downsizing, we were able to establish that they could achieve their goal of financial independence by the time Paul had reached the young age of 50!

In Paul’s own words:

“So today is officially my last day of work!!

Well, I say ‘last day of work’, but I mean the 7am to 6.30pm type of work in engineering management!!

I’ve always wanted to work for myself and have the freedom to choose what I do and when I do it. After all, I still feel too young to retire fully.

Big thank you to Kevin Wood at Oak Four, who has guided Tracey and I through our financial life choices and help us to start to realise our goals. I simply cannot recommend Kevin and the team highly enough. Just incredible service and real insight into financial planning. Contact them if you want to see what the future should be like!

Maybe more golf and mountain biking….but things are going to be different for sure.”

Also in Paul’s own words… “Every family needs a Kevin!” 😉