The story of a ‘careless tweet’ that started a movement

Our very own Chris Budd and Ruth Sturkey were recently interviewed by Lois Vallely of leading financial publication Money Marketing on their Financial Wellbeing podcast series.

The 40-minute chat is full of fantastic insights, offering tasty titbits on the background of what prompted Ruth to get involved (and why she’s glad she did), why Ruth and Chris each believe financial wellbeing is so important.

Chris spoke about how it financial wellbeing brings in psychology to help us understand what makes our clients tick, and how we can help clients understand that too.

Ruth discusses the evolution of financial planning, and how she sees financial wellbeing at financial planning 3.0 – where we are and ought to be shifting our focus to change the narrative around money for positive emotional as well as fiscal outcomes.

Chris also admits that the IFW came about as a result of a ‘careless tweet’ one Thursday afternoon asking if people fancy coming to a conference about financial wellbeing, which got a phenomenal response.

He also reminds us that the IFW was set up to bring people together who are interested in bringing their viewpoints and expertise on the topic of financial wellbeing.

Tune in here.