Watch Episode 3 of The Financial Wellbeing Show

Episode 3 of the IFW’s monthly YouTube show, The Financial Wellbeing Show, dropped at 6pm on 18th March, coinciding with Debt Awareness Week. The episode is crammed with great tips and advice from Hiren Panchal, Charlie Goodman, Emma Waller and Adam Owen. The four experts discussed debt and how to deal with it, as well as the positive side of debt, when we make a conscious, careful choice to borrow to make positive changes. The problems develop when debt becomes a way to simply facilitate our lives. Adam offered the daunting statistic “The nation owe £18bn to energy companies.” It’s an engaging discussion well worth catching up with.

Watch Episode 3 of The Financial Wellbeing Show.


You can watch episode 1 and 2 here.

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