“IFW members are motivated, forward-thinking, and keen to provide an ever-better client experience.”

Ruth Sturkey, Chair of the Institute for Financial Wellbeing and Non-executive Director at Paradigm Norton, shares some of the things she enjoyed most about the IFW ‘Invest in Wellbeing’ Conference 2022, and urges you to get your ticket for 2023’s IFW Conference.

I joined the IFW Board in 2022, and wanted to contribute and do my ‘bit.’  I was also very keen to attend my first IFW Conference, meet our members and learn more about financial wellbeing.

My main takeaway from the IFW Conference was that we have brilliant members who are motivated, forward-thinking, proud, and keen to provide an ever-better client experience, outcomes and impact.

Also, we can throw a great party and conference!

We had some great speakers. The stand out moments for me were:

  • Rohan Sivajoti talking about the prejudice he has faced and encouraging us all to ‘just have a go’
  • The delight on Mymy Nguyen’s face when she won the IFW award for Steadfast Commitment
  • The excellent quality of Alison Gray from Wellthy’s talk in terms of quality of transmission from Australia (it worked really well!) and her content – I loved the 4Ss
  • Simonne Gnessen’s excellent session reminding us so eloquently to be aware of our own cognitive biases and personal ‘map of the world’
  • And of course our very own Chris Budd who reminded us that ‘joy is your reward for giving joy’ (Borrowed from the Dalai Lama). It was also intriguing to understand the body’s response to stress.

It was great to catch up with so many old friends and meet new people; I just loved the positive buzz emanating from all

At the end of the IFW Conference I felt proud of what the IFW team had delivered and excited at how well the day had gone.

I would use seven words to sum up my experiences of the IFW Conference: friendly, warm, engaging, fun, sociable, thought-provoking, actionable…

Attending the IFW Conference has encouraged me to spread the word about the importance of embracing financial wellbeing as part of all conversations around money and finance. We are an industry and profession that is ripe for change for the better.

You have until 31st January to claim discounted Early Bird tickets. This full day of financial wellbeing-focused talks, discussions and networking opportunities take place in Bristol on 23rd May 2023, with a social event the evening before.

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