Meet the speaker – Dr Louis Williams, Head of Psychology and Behavioural Insights, Dynamic Planner

Dr Louis Williams, Head of Psychology and Behavioural Insights at Dynamic Planner, is one of the experts speaking at the IFW Conference. This week I had a chance to find out what you can expect from Louis’ talk, ‘Using technology to elevate levels of financial wellbeing.’

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Louis holds a PhD in psychology and has worked with Dynamic Planner since September 2019, when the business embarked on its government-sponsored behavioural science and investment project with Henley Business School. He is keen to use experimental methods and apply findings to help investors make better decisions. Louis is an experimental psychologist and has worked with universities across the globe on multidisciplinary research projects.

The key learning points you can look forward to:

  • Learn about how fintech can help you to assess your client’s vulnerabilities
  • Discover a new digital app that provides reassurance, encourages engagement and increases financial knowledge
  • Have an opportunity to consider your current processes and how you provide emotional value for all

“I’ll be talking about financial wellbeing, vulnerability and research more generally, referring to some of our latest developments,” says Louis. “I’m excited to attend the IFW 2024 conference and gain insights from the great speakers and experts on how we can help clients to flourish. I was recently involved in the development of Dynamic Planner’s financial wellbeing questionnaire which I’d love to share with the attendees. I’d be interested to receive their views so we can continue to create tools that ensure clients, particularly those who are vulnerable, are treated fairly and provided with appropriate support. I’d also like to discuss the wider uses of technology and behavioural science within the industry and how they can be applied to improve clients’ levels of financial wellbeing. I’m looking forward to attending.”

You can watch a short video (under two minutes) from Louis by clicking here or on the image above.

The IFW Conference is on Tuesday 21st May 2024, with a relaxed social event on the evening before. It takes place at the Windmill Village Hotel Golf Club and Spa near Coventry.

View the full IFW Conference agenda here.