Meet the IFW Conference 2023 MC – Ruth Sturkey

Ruth Sturkey is MC-ing the IFW Conference taking place at the Bristol Hotel on 23rd May 2023.

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Ruth Sturkey is Chair of the IFW Board and will MC the IFW Conference 2023. Ruth co-founded boutique financial planning firm The Red House, which merged with Paradigm Norton in 2017; she is now a Non Executive Director for the merged firm. She also coaches financial planning business owners. Ruth can be seen regularly presenting at industry events and holds considerable influence within the financial planning profession.

We’re delighted you’re MC-ing the IFW Conference again. What are you looking forward to most about it?

Many things. The buzz at last year’s IFW Conference generated by the gathering of a group of open-minded individuals all there to learn and share their experiences was palpable. I know we are going to do it again this year. We have a truly inspiring cast of speakers that I cannot wait to hear and a very impressive list of attendees, many who are returning from last year, whom I cannot wait to see. I know it is gong to be a memorable event.

What would you say to potential delegates wondering whether to attend?

If you are keen to make sure you are at, or remain at, the cutting edge of financial services this is the place to be. It will not be the usual technical and compliance-based content. This Conference is about getting better life outcomes for your clients, your team, your business and you.

How would you summarise your passions, both in and out of work?

My passions are learning, growing, experiencing new things and spending time with people I can learn from, chew the fat with and laugh. Throw in some occasional down time, sunshine, the people I love, sea and wine and I am happy.

What’s your understanding of financial wellbeing and why it matters?

Financial wellbeing exists as part of our overall wellbeing. Of itself financial wellbeing serves little purpose. But as a means of support and influence to the other four factors of wellbeing, career/purpose, social relationships, community and physical wellbeing (from research by Tom Rath and Jim Harter 2010) helping clients find financial wellbeing is a gamechanger.

What are you doing currently to advance your own financial wellbeing?

I am working hard on my purpose and crafting my next chapter! Exciting times.

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